Fixed Fee Possession Specialists

Legal Document
Stage 1 - Serve Legal Notice

Stage 1

Legal Notice

When a payment issue arises, the simplest method is usually the most effective, we can:

  • Serve legal notice demanding payment of rent and/or possession of the property.

Fee£144 inc. VAT.

Stage 2 - Issue County Court Proceedings

Stage 2

County Court

From our years of experience, we know most Tenants will leave after Stage 1, if not we can:

  • Issue County Court proceedings, get a possession Date & CCJ for any rent arrears.

Section 8 Fees£925 inc. VAT &
Court Fee of £325.

Section 21 Fees£955 inc. VAT &
Court Fee of £355.

Stage 3 - County Court Bailiff

Stage 3

Court Bailiff

At this stage, if the Tenant has not vacated the property after Stage 2, we can:

  • Instruct the County Court bailiff to physically remove them from your property.

Fees£241 inc VAT &
Court Fee of £121.